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At AC Infinity our longstanding commitment to serving and including diverse audiences is part of who we are.  Our service to our clients, communities and our fellow employees has helped us understand and appreciate the importance of respecting others and embracing those who bring a new and different perspective to our operations.  We not only welcome MBE, WBE, and Veteran-owned businesses, we actively seek to partner with these certified organizations to include them in delivering our services for our clients.  Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has made us a better company, better leaders, and enhanced how we deliver our services to our clients and the communities where we live and work every day.   

Consistent with our Values and Credo, our AC Infinity team strives every day to embrace an environment that is defined by our passion for diversity and inclusion.  Our workforce represents our clients and the people we serve in our communities.  We recruit and foster a diverse workforce where employees feel comfortable bringing their unique skills and perspectives to workplace characterized with respect for each other.  And our commitment to diversity – from gender, ethnicity, faith, physical and intellectual ability and more – is balanced by our commitment to inclusion, providing each of our employees, vendors and subcontractors with a welcoming environment and sense of belonging. We know that when our employees feel valued, appreciated and respected personally and professionally, they will thrive, and our entire AC Infinity team will, too.  



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