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Measuring Up to Your Standards

AC Infinity’s quality assurance plans are drawn up fresh for each project. That means all materials installed and workmanship will get a passing grade. Our managers will then make quality control inspections to verify all features of the work measure up.

Our Approach to Quality Control

After establishing your project’s specific quality assurance (QA) plans, our managers are responsible for implementing quality control (QC) inspections that verify all features of the work installed on your project are in conformance with the plans and specifications.

Sub-Contractor QA & QC

All subcontractors are required to provide their own quality assurance plan that aligns with the project’s overall QA plan. Once reviewed and approved, our managers will serve as the watchdog and enforce each subcontractor QA plan.


Quality Control Control Plans Cover:

  • Plans and specifications requirements

  • Requirements of the authority having jurisdiction

  • Requirements of the project owner

  • AC Infinity’s requirements

  • Plans and document tracking

  • Requirements of material manufacturers

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